How can we help you orchestrate excellence in your organization?

We develop cohesive teams, inspired leaders, and engaged audiences.

Our programs improve team performance and leadership effectiveness regardless of whether they are designed as a one time off-site, a business meeting, conference, or a longer developmental leadership program that can shift a culture.

Build teamwork

Spark inspiration, boost teamwork, create a buzz. Catalyze growth and change, and begin the journey to collective achievement.

For trainings, off-sites, retreats, reorganizations with 10 to 1,500 + people.


“Orchestrating Excellence opened people’s hearts and perfectly captured the themes we wanted to emphasize. The experience remains a milestone in our collective memory.”

Steve Jones Vice President, Consulting, Franklin Covey

Deepen collaboration

Develop new skills for communication and collaboration. Forge shared agreements and vision. Navigate change with greater clarity, focus, and effectiveness.

For intact or extended teams, or 10 to 50 individuals from across your organization.


“Orchestrating Excellence helped our top leaders understand how to get from good to great. The experience has stayed with us as a reference for what high-level collaboration and inspired leadership feel like.”

Kevin McCabe, Chief Auditor, Wells Fargo

Cultivate leadership

Equip your leaders with skills and practices to make them self-aware, energized, resilient, and prepared to orchestrate excellence throughout your organization.

For 10 to 50 leaders at multiple levels in a longer-term cohort


“Music became our common language. We gained insight into how to do a better job of leading and supporting our people as they become new managers. What a great way to build trust and understand the psychology of change!”

Glenn Phillips, HR Field Director, Lowe’s

Transform conferences

Stage innovative keynotes, energizers, and breakout sessions to quickly build community, spark engagement, and inspire creative thinking

For 50 to 2500+ attendees from the same or different organizations.


“Orchestrating Excellence experiences are incredibly engaging and educational. Their programs leave you musically, mentally, and emotionally transformed.”

Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore, co-authors, The Experience Economy

Orchestrating Excellence is a leading-edge provider of teambuilding and leadership development experiences and tools for teams, organizations, and conferences of all sizes.

Our creatively designed custom training programs and presentations leverage the power of music and participatory learning to build trust, collaboration, innovation, and a sense of community — helping organizations grow and thrive, enabling productivity to soar.

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Some of our clients

The experience had both initial and sustainable effects, helping us take a slow-growth business and grow it from $90 to $170 million in four years. I attribute this success to the inspiration and momentum for change that Orchestrating Excellence initiated along with the language and concepts we took to heart and leveraged over time.”

Lance Drummond, former SVP of E-Commerce, Bank of America



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Keynote and workshop in the Twin Cities

April 19th, 2016|Comments Off on Keynote and workshop in the Twin Cities

I’m look forward to presenting two programs in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) on May 5 and 6. See details below, download a pdf of this flier, or REGISTER HERE

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The Birth of our New Brand

December 7th, 2015|Comments Off on The Birth of our New Brand

After 27 years, One World Music has evolved into Orchestrating Excellence. Expanded offers. Deeper capability. Team-building and beyond. Given the range of our offerings, the depth of the workplace programs [...]

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Excellence vs. Perfection: The Leadership Conundrum

November 21st, 2015|Comments Off on Excellence vs. Perfection: The Leadership Conundrum

I was complaining to a friend about my perfectionist tendencies when she asked: “Could you have accomplished everything you’ve done in your life if you weren’t striving for perfection?”  Her [...]

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LEAD 2016
Keynote presentation
Improvisation in Business and Life: Leadership Agility for Times of Change
Nashville TN / February 3-4, 2016

Resonant Leadership workshop
1440 Multiversity
Scot’s Valley, CA