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Five Collaboration Tips To Harmonize Your Team

Collaboration is more important today than ever in getting your team’s results. Especially when it comes to engaging the millennial workforce. The ability to collaborate effectively in a team setting is an integral [...]

A Brain-Based Musical Solution to Enhancing Leader Synchrony With Their Teams

In a recent blog on HBR, I explained how one could identify leaders by their capacity to synchronize their brains with followers within 23 seconds.  In another blog, I discussed [...]

Leadership Agility through the Metaphor of Music

Music represents a comprehensive view of different leadership styles. Given the pace of change and the complexity and ambiguity of modern life, it’s important to be able to flex your [...]

Leadership Agility through Music – Orchestrate, Collaborate & Improvise!

The Bay Area Human Resources Executives Council & Orchestrating Excellence present an interactive keynote with Gary Muszynski.

The Birth of our New Brand

After 27 years, One World Music has evolved into Orchestrating Excellence. Expanded offers. Deeper capability. Team-building and beyond. Given the range of our offerings, the depth of the workplace programs [...]